Meet Sébastien L. Coquelin.
he's a filmmaker that also writes fiction, directs commercials and creates fun interactive stuff.

Sébastien Landry is a young director from Montreal who’s getting older and wiser by the minute. His unique ability to carry through his creative, wacky, and innovative projects allowed him to quickly gain a valuable experience in narrative cinema with award-winning works (Good job Seb!).

His academic background in game design and film studies gave him the skill set necessary to create super duper cool and captivating content, evoking strong emotions from his audience. Sébastien sees directing as the fulfillment of an idea – from the initial concept to the final screen – without neglecting the smallest detail. We respect him for his talent but we love him for who he is.


Official Selection – South By SouthWest 2017
31st Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2015 – Official selectionMontreal Web Fest 2015 – Directing AWARDMarseille Web Fest 2014 – Directing AWARDVitesse Lumière Festival 2014 – Audience AWARDSpasm Festival 2014 – Audience AWARDSpasm Festival 2014 – Best casting AWARDRendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois (RVCQ) 2014 – Official selectionGala Gémeaux 2014 - Laurence Dauphinais en nomination pour Meilleure interprétation féminine pour une émission ou série originale produite pour les médias numériques.Horrofest Montreal 2015 - Official selectionFestival des Films de l’Ouest en Bretagne 2015 - Official selectionFantasia 2014 – Official selectionGeekpolis 2015 – Screening by France 4 television
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2014 – Official SelectionRVCQ 2015 – Official Selection
Numix – 2012 - Official Selection
Numix 2015 – Official Selection
Award 2014 - Grenier d’or
Best Short Film - YoungCuts